logo-800x275-resized-image-760x269I am inspired by rainbows. I was surprised and delighted to capture one in this picture, taken in New Zealand. Whether you’ve come to my web site curious about fertility, mind/body therapy or clinical hypnosis, I chose this picture not only because of the serenity it engenders, but also because of the metaphoric pot of gold that we all seek which is commonly associated with rainbows.

Recently I was at Victoria Falls in Zambia, pictured at left, and I had an experience that was stunning. All other waterfalls that I’ve had the privilege to enjoy have taken their free-fall and then continued on their journey. Victoria Falls dumps into a gorge and the Zambezi River goes off at a right angle. One can enjoy the site of the falls from across this gorge. The water splashes with such intensity that a mist rises into the sky that can be seen for miles. Hence, the nickname for Victoria Falls is “mosi–oa-tunya,” the smoke that thunders.

The viewers’ pathway is like a rain forest; the sun may be shining brightly but one must wear a poncho, and even with that, you’re likely to get drenched. As I walked along the path, I stopped dead in my tracks. In front of me was a double rainbow. The only way to continue along the path was to walk through it.

While we know that a rainbow is nothing more than the refraction of light through water droplets which reveal the full spectrum of color, at that moment, I felt the magic, mystery and awe of what the universe gifts to us. To walk through nothing felt like walking through everything. It was a mystical experience.

So whenever you visit my web site, I hope that you feel inspired to keep hope alive no matter what your goals. Hope can seem elusive but it is as real as a rainbow.