DAMN THOSE STATISTICS !#@*%!: Getting Infertility to Add Up

In common parlance, most folks these days know what is meant by left brain logical and right brain creative/intuitive thinking. You probably know what your stronger suit is. Maybe you feel a satisfying balance of both. One thing is certain: It is typical for artist and scientist types to think differently. You might ask, “What [...]

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Series of Stress Reduction Classes

Attend a mind/body stress reduction class with Helen Adrienne, weekly on Wed.'s at 6:30pm. This series of four mind/body classes will relieve and reverse the physiology of stress. You will learn myriad ways to cope with the challenges by building self-awareness and methods of self-care. Pay on line for all four classes and receive a [...]

Misinformation & Missing Information: Couples’ Counseling for Infertility

One of the horrors of the fertility challenge is the build-up of tension in the very place where serenity is palliative, namely between the couple. Most couples pull together really well and in the end discover their qualifications to deal with adversity. Yet, the fact that the journey can take a long time to resolve, [...]

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How To Locate Your Resilience When The Stress Of Infertility Feels Traumatic

Anyone who has ever frolicked in the ocean is wise to learn how to avoid getting knocked over by the waves. When a breaker threatens to inundate you with its powerful churning energy, diving under it keeps you safe. Conversely, to passively stand in the path of this impending blow can lead to feeling [...]

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Life is Full of Curve Balls

Infertility involuntarily changes your life. You’re not in the driver’s seat and the roller coaster climbs slowly and plummets quickly. With all this mental and physical motion and commotion, every day can seem like a year when your quest for a baby is thwarted. If you relate to this description, take note: You may not [...]

The Power of Reframing

Reframing is about deciding to look at our thoughts from a different perspective. When it comes to infertility, the act of reframing is a skill worth cultivating. Keep reading to find out why. As a rule, thinking negatively is part of the human condition. Because caveman presumed that the twig that snapped was a saber [...]

Nature Loves the Truth

Would an orchid keep its bloom in a closet without water, fertilizer, or exposure to the light of day?  Would a palm tree last very long in Siberia?  Could a herd of elephants sustain itself in a concrete jungle?  Doesn’t Mother Nature demand that each form of life live according to a certain set of [...]

Excerpt from, “On Fertile Ground: Healing Infertility”

Purchase Helen's book, On Fertile Ground: Healing Infertility. The following excerpt from my book speaks directly to those in an infertility struggle, but keep in mind that the tenets apply no matter what adversity you might be dealing with. On Fertile Ground: Healing Infertility by Helen Adrienne, LCSW, BCD Chapter 10 Gain from the Pain: [...]

Stress Reduction Controversy

Evidence-based research is both useful and not helpful when it comes to infertility. It is inspirational when you realize that if, as the research has shown, you can rid yourself of migraines with biofeedback by using your mind to control your temperature, it is only a short distance from there to realizing that you may not be helpless when it comes to influencing your fertility. (Of course this would only have merit if there weren’t structural abnormalities.) Feeling helpless will certainly contribute to stress.