Hypnosis for Infertility: 12 Facts You Need to Know

Medical treatment for infertility has created many miracles. Physicians are trained to manipulate hormones and join and implant patients’ seeds. Less understood is the power the patient has to fertilize his or her soil. Hypnotic treatment for infertility can be a powerful part of the miracle because it occurs in the place where mind and [...]

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Assumptions about Child-Free Life Style

Perhaps you have decided to remain child-free.  But if you are struggling with infertility you are in that category by default.  Either way, it’s common for people to make assumptions which can be hurtful. Check out the advice in the article “Ten Things Not To Say to Your Child-Free Friends.” http://wap.yahoo.com/w/ygo-frontpage/lp/story/us/739492/coke.bp?ref_w=frontdoors&.ysid=dekjcUq9_jiTaT73vLkMGg80&.intl=US&.lang=en. You will appreciate the [...]