Creating Meaning From Madness

It seems timely, somehow, that I update and reprint an article that I wrote in the aftermath of 9/11, not so much because it was recently the 15th anniversary of the tragedy, but because this kind of display of heartlessness seems to be with us like an undertow. Seaside Park, New Jersey and Chelsea, New [...]

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Misinformation & Missing Information: Couples’ Counseling for Infertility

One of the horrors of the fertility challenge is the build-up of tension in the very place where serenity is palliative, namely between the couple. Most couples pull together really well and in the end discover their qualifications to deal with adversity. Yet, the fact that the journey can take a long time to resolve, [...]

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Silence as an Antidote to the “Noise” of Infertility

At the time of this writing, The Museum of Modern Art in NYC is running an exhibition called Soundings: A Contemporary Score. Artists deconstructed sound and made it visable in a variety of ways. What interested me most were the artistic contributions that made silence audible. In one case, what a dog can hear was [...]

Self-Advocacy: Claiming What You Need From Your Doctor

Let’s get one thing straight right away: It is normal to feel intimidated in any doctor’s office and it is normal for your IQ to drop to zero when creating the next generation becomes an ordeal. That being said, how do you maximize the opportunity to minimize your stress with good self-advocacy? How can you [...]

The Power of Reframing

Reframing is about deciding to look at our thoughts from a different perspective. When it comes to infertility, the act of reframing is a skill worth cultivating. Keep reading to find out why. As a rule, thinking negatively is part of the human condition. Because caveman presumed that the twig that snapped was a saber [...]

Nature Loves the Truth

Would an orchid keep its bloom in a closet without water, fertilizer, or exposure to the light of day?  Would a palm tree last very long in Siberia?  Could a herd of elephants sustain itself in a concrete jungle?  Doesn’t Mother Nature demand that each form of life live according to a certain set of [...]