OnFertile Ground

On Fertile Ground

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Breathing In The Now
Breathing In The Now

Breathing In The Now $20

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This MP3 was developed and narrated by Helen Adrienne, LCSW, BCD and comes with downloadable instructions. If you are stressed by the impact of the life-altering diagnosis of infertility or any unwanted, protracted challenge, “Breathing in the Now” is an audio guide to mindfully releasing the physiology of stress and returning your body/mind to neutral. This is the only audio guide that comes with a free 20 minute phone session if you find that the program needs to be adapted to match your needs. Download the MP3 and instructions for $20.00.


Drifting In…$20

Listen to Helen’s Insomnia Relaxation Recording!

I’ve created many personalized audio programs for my patients. I consistently hear, “You created this tape for me to use with X but it works like a charm when I want to accomplish Y. This time I’ve created a program for use with INSOMNIA, but those who have tested it for me have said the same thing: namely that it serves in other ways as well. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, to “drift in” to the arms of Morpheus, the god of dreams, may serve you well. And sleep may just be the place where you come to know what you didn’t know that you knew…Download the MP3 for $20.00.

Tame Negative Thinking


Tame Negative Thinking $47

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This MP3 was developed and narrated by Helen Adrienne, LCSW, BCD and Roseanne Austin, LLB and certified coach. Learn how to understand and master negative thinking and hold yourself accountable to the basics in a 2 hour teleclass. Rosanne is a fire cracker of a coach, whose attitudes about navigating the fertility journey dovetail with Helen Adrienne’s. Download the MP3, instructions and course handouts for $47.00.

Clearing the Emotional Deck for Conception $47

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Watch Helen’s webinar, “Clearing the Emotional Deck for Conception” and learn how to use Helen’s mind/body approach to healing to de-stress your life. Helen was just one of 20 international experts who spoke at the “Reboot Your Fertilicious Mindset” virtual summit on February 5th. This webinar aired at that summit.
Download a link to the webinar for $47.00.


Mind/Body Solutions to Infertility $20

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Mind/Body Solutions to Infertility, a recording of the well- received May 23, 2013 webinar. You will be exposed to the theory and application of various techniques that address the stress of infertility and help you to reclaim serenity. During the webinar Helen addressed topics that participants specifically requested, which allowed her to tailor this webinar to your needs. Download the MP4 for $20.00.

Mind body spirit

Mind/Body Solutions to Infertility Exercises $5

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Mind/Body Solutions to Infertility Exercises. This recording separates out the exercises Helen conducted during the Mind/Body Solutions to Infertility webinar, making it easy for you to practice without listening to the entire webinar. Download the recording for $5.

Mind body spirit
Mind body spirit

Hypnosis for Childbirth $20

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Curiosity is on the rise about learning hypnosis to ease childbirth. Usually I teach this skill in 4 face-to-face sessions. You may be close to delivery with insufficient time for this possibility, you may not be in the New York metropolitan area, or you may not be able to find a clinical hypnotherapist in your area.

In this recording, I have summarized the components of my program. You should read the instructions first so that you are prepared to listen to the recording with maximum benefit. Hypnosis is a wonderful way to actively participate in the delivery of your child. Download the Mp3 for $20.

stress reduction classes

Stress Reduction Classes

Helen Adrienne’s stress reduction classes, held weekly in New York offer support to women and men with infertility. Learn how to use mind/body techniques to effectively address the challenges of infertility and manage the journey.

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stress reduction classes

Private Counseling Session With Helen

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Give yourself the gift of a private session with Helen Adrienne, LCSW. Each session is customized to your needs.