Stress Reduction Classes

Infertility has impact on mind/body wellness and the fact that the state of mind and the body impact each other can ratchet up the agony of infertility exponentially. This series of four mind/body classes will relieve and reverse the physiology of stress. You will learn myriad ways to cope with the challenges by building self-awareness and methods of self-care.


  • Class 1 – Entering the Mind/Body Connection for Stress Reduction
    Learn how to dive under the emotional turbulence.
  • Class 2 – Using the Mind to Trick the Brain for Enhanced Coping
    Learn how our brain functions to support the effectiveness of mind/body techniques.
  • Class 3 – Transforming Negative Thinking
    Learn to convert automatic negative thoughts into affirmations.
  • Class 4 – Gaining Clarity by Building Awareness
    Learn how to build empowerment by enhancing your communication skills so you can assert your needs.


Class 1:  Jan. 11
Entering the Mind/Body Connection for Stress Reduction

Class 2:  Jan. 25
Using the Mind to Trick the Brain for Enhanced Coping

Class 3:  Feb. 1
Transforming Negative Thinking

Class 4:  Feb. 8
Gaining Clarity by Building Awareness

EVERY WEDNESDAY from 6:30 to 8:30 PM


Class 1: March 1
Class 2: March 8
Class 3: March 15
Class 4: March 29
  • Classes are $75.00 each, can be taken in any order and are insurance reimbursable.
  • Classes meet at 420 East 64th Street – Suite E1C from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.
  • Take all four classes and receive my mp3 recording, Breathing in the Now, for free.
  • Missed classes can always be made up during the next series. But PLEASE NOTE: due to holidays and teaching engagements, there will only be 2 series remaining in 2016.  Classes will resume again in 2017. Mark your calendars.


Gain the Feeling of Being Empowered


Stress Reduction Classes: More Than Meets the Senses by Helen Adrienne
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If you pay for all four classes up front, either online or at the first class, you will receive a free copy of my Book, On Fertile Ground: Healing Infertility, and my relaxation mp3, Breathing in the Now at no cost (a $40 value!)


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Approved by the NYU Fertility Center