Ways to Think About Seeking Solutions

Life on Planet Earth is not easy. Throughout history, there have been seers and soothsayers, clerics and philosophers who have guided their flock. I am trained in one of the 21st century’s versions of that role.

Some problems respond well to coping styles that can effect a change relatively easily by cognitively rearranging circumstances to relieve the situation. Other problems do not give way by making simple changes because of the way that our behaviors and emotions can complicate things.

Finding solutions flows from a process of us working together to evaluate your situation and lay out a map of the issues, behaviors, and emotions and to sort through choices in a systematic way. Often our learned limitations curtail the implementation of decided-upon changes. There are many techniques that facilitate working through obstacles and fears so that you can move on. These may include approaches like psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and other stress reduction techniques.

A big part of this process is based on the alliance between you and me. You must feel that you are with someone who is skilled and has your best interests in mind. We should like each other and you should not feel judged.

The process is an interactive one, talking to each other, making assessments at each step along the way, building your confidence to stretch to the next level of your capacity. All along you should feel supported and validated so you can build confidence so that you can risk making changes and ultimately integrate new behaviors into your personality.

None of us, men, women or couples, are exempt from finding ourselves in a rough spot from time to time. Sometimes it is difficult to be objective about our circumstances or even about our feelings. At times like this, it can be a relief to reach out for help so we can feel happier and calmer.

If you are in tune with the mind/body orientation, then you understand that difficult circumstances that are experienced as mentally uncomfortable can impact the body. Conversely, physical issues can impact the mind. And it is not difficult to image the impact of any issue on a relationship.

When it comes to the physical experience of our gender, our psychobiology is intricately tied up with fluctuating hormones that affect both body and mind and can be very challenging. If ruled by estrogen and progesterone, then menstruation, PMS, pregnancy and menopause are complex and can be disruptive. And testosterone controls the male physiology and much of the mentality as well.

When it comes to infertility, men who learn that their sperm count is compromised often mistakenly confuse masculinity with the capacity to procreate. And certainly, the lion’s share of the treatment for infertility is an ordeal which rests predominantly, though not exclusively with women.

It is paramount to feel understood and grounded at times when you might feel that your natural hormones or the hormones administered as part of the In Vitro Fertilization protocol are making you feel like a runaway locomotive. Many of my referrals come when a Reproductive Endocrinologist asks the simple question, “How’re you doing?” If you answer by bursting into tears, the benefit of having someone to talk with can provide enormous relief.

If you are struggling with infertility or issues like miscarriage, ovum donation, surrogacy, adoption, or other pregnancy or birth related issues, you may be experiencing a difficult swirl of emotions including feelings that are overwhelming. Today, medical doctors have more knowledge than ever before, and therefore patients have more treatment options. The sophistication of these options can make the decision-making process dizzying. Many women, and the people close to them, can find comfort in having a caring practitioner with whom they can sift through the muddle.

Services offered include
▪ Stress reduction for any issue
▪ Mind/body solutions for any issue
▪ Individual Psychotherapy
▪ Clinical hypnosis for any issue
▪ Couples counseling
▪ Help uncovering emotional blocks to pregnancy
▪ Stress Reduction groups
▪ Hypnosis for labor and delivery
▪ Hypnosis for smoking cessation, weight loss, phobias, pain management, performance enhancement, etc.
▪ Phone sessions or skype sessions for stress reduction and other issues

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Helen Adrienne, LCSW general psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, and practitioner of mind/body therapy with a specialty in infertility. New York City