Infertility: Crisis as Opportunity in Marriage

Conceive magazine article by Helen Adrienne

Earthquakes such as the recent one in California stand as ominous reminders of nature’s power. People’s responses to destruction are varied. From selfish looting on one extreme to altruistic involvement, on the other. Recovery involves stepping back from the rubble to see the full picture, asking the larger questions which reveal the direction to take as rebuilding begins.

Infertility is an emotional disaster of earthquake proportions. It takes a tremendous amount of time, effort and money and drains emotional resources needed to deal with the psychic devastation caused by the realization that conception will be at best difficult and at worst impossible. Sometimes we forget that nature’s power can have a larger meaning on the personal level, too. Like it or not, infertility is a life crisis.

Today, increasing medical options will give many couples their miracle baby…

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Helen Adrienne, LCSW general psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, and practitioner of mind/body therapy with a specialty in infertility. New York City