FPCHelen Adrienne Speaker and Presenter

Helen Adrienne is an accomplished presenter and public speaker. She is available for speaking engagements as well as interviews, and would like to discuss your organization’s needs with you.

• Speaking engagements can be organized world-wide, in any English-speaking country or country where translation would be available
• Presentations can be as short or long as your organization requires: anything from an hour to multiple days
• Engagements can be in person, via teleconference, or webinar by prior arrangement
Examples of the topics that could be covered in a speaking engagement:
• “Staying Steady While Being Tossed Around”, stress reduction for infertility patients
• “Conceiving Conception”, stress reduction for infertility patients
• How to Ride the Infertility Tsunami without Getting Swamped.” – can be adapted for patients or professional audiences.
• Coping with Infertility: A Two Day Mind/Body Training for Mental Health Practitioners. This program, described above, can be modified to be shorter or longer and can be adapted for dealing with any adversity.
• “Living a Mindful Life” — This was presented at a retreat in Costa Rica. Approaches to mindfulness were presented over 6 days in 2 hour segments. This program can be adapted to any retreat setting.

Call Helen at 212.758.0125 with any questions or to discuss further.

Presentations and Talks

AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CLINICAL HYPNOSIS (ASCH) CONFERENCE – “How to Ride the Infertility Tsunami without Getting Swamped.”

“Living a Mindful Life” a retreat in Costa Rica. This course provided CEU credit.

Why Hire Helen?

The stress of infertility has been measured to be on par with the stress of cancer, heart disease and HIV/AIDS! Almost 1 in 5 couples of childbearing age are faced with a challenge to creating their family. Not only are these folks out of the mainstream but they are surrounded by babies and bellies. To make matters worse, they are caught between the need to discuss their agony and the fact that their situation is no one’s business.

The quest for a family can seem never-ending. Hopes rise and fall on a regular basis. Although no one has a choice about being in a fertility struggle, there is plenty of choice as to how one can stay steady during this challenging journey.

That’s where Helen Adrienne comes in. She has been dedicated to serving the infertility population for 36 years as of 2015. People can count on her skill and expertise. Her training in mind/body therapy and clinical hypnotherapy in particular are a real boon to people because they can learn to feel empowered, and to stay grounded and hopeful without losing sight ways to find joy in life until they experience their miracle.

Helen is equally at home speaking to an audience of struggling parents-to-be or professionals who seek the skill to learn how to support people in this quest, equally at home leading a small group or working one-on-one with women, men or couples. She has a way of showing rather than telling how it is possible to dive under the turbulence of infertility and find solace. These testimonials sum it up:


“This training exceeded my wildest expectations.

Aside from the strength of the curriculum, Helen’s warmth and experienced teaching style encouraged participation and enhanced the group learning process; the training provided an opportunity to meet other clinicians and practitioners who brought their unique experiences and perspectives to the workshop.”


“First and foremost Helen is a well-trained clinician and in her practice she provides guidance to people who struggle with a full range of issues. These testimonials pertain to both general and fertility challenges.”

“Helen! I definitely have you to thank for my positive outcome after infertility. He’s such a joy!” By JCF

“Thank you so much for wonderful soothing sessions for your heart and soul and mind 🙂 You are the best!”


“I have read your book and it has been the most helpful thing that I have read since my nightmare journey began. What it did for me started off as something very simple-that relief you feel when someone finally gets it. The thoughts and feelings that I have been carrying around for so long and couldn’t verbalize for myself let alone anyone else was there on every page, and I cried with complete relief.”


“I want to tell you how much I LOVE your book. So much of it has spoken to me and I have dog-eared many pages.”



“Never before was I able to “escape” the stress and focus on the IVF process and find my personal oasis until I had this recording as a tool to slow down, meditate and fall into a quiet sleep. In my latest IVF journey, I again turned to Helen’s personalized audio tape to help with the important decision of using an egg donor.

[I am grateful to have found someone who was able, through their knowledge and practice, to connect with me on such a personal level when no other method was helping me focus, cope and de-stress.”


“Your webinar was absolutely wonderful. You really drew me in and I longed to hear every word. You know how to speak to people and present your work in a manner that is simple to understand but full of depth and intelligence. The visualization was a great way to show how you work with people. Thank you!”