When your traditional coping mechanisms are not as effective as you would like them to be, a mind/body stress reduction group can be a real boon. Didactic material and experiential exercises help you to build a broad foundation which will enable you to stop, reflect on broader options than you were aware of, and choose a course of action that may not have been a part of your standard repertoire. It will also build a greater self-awareness and partner-awareness than you previously had.

A mind/body stress reduction group will help you to learn how to elicit the relaxation response, having the pleasure of not only bringing serenity to yourself at this difficult time, but also experiencing your own empowerment. You will learn how to experience the actuality of the mind/body connection with various breathing and other techniques. Coping skills are enhanced and broadened by learning about the neurobiology of mind/body healing. Your self-esteem will be enhanced as you come to understand your own underlying belief system and the negative automatic thoughts that flow from them so as to be better prepared to counteract mental traps. You will learn about the power of positive affirmations, how to identify and work with your emotions, build an effective style of communication and build confidence in assertiveness. You will learn about the power of humor, spirituality, and meaning-making, and how to prevent relapse. Most important, you will meet other women who are on the same quest, easing feelings of isolation and being out of the mainstream.

I have had the distinct pleasure of seeing this program embraced by participants and accepted as a program that serves well, not only through the infertility struggle, but also through any crisis later in life.

For more information about stress reduction groups, click here. You can phone Helen at 212.758.0125 to get the dates of the next classes.