When I opened my private practice in 1979, I wanted to work in the place where mind and body meet in general and specifically for the ob/gyn patient. For over 35 years, my practice has been a combination of generalist and specialist patients including men, women and couples. I have vast experience in working with issues of depression, anxiety and relationship and family issues as well as infertility, sexual dysfunction or other categories which would be referred by women’s medical health practitioners. Furthermore, anyone who seeks me out for my expertise in women’s health would find me useless unless I was first and foremost a skilled generalist.

The important thing in selecting a therapist can be determined in the first session. You would need to feel hopeful that your issues can be worked through. You should feel that your therapist is compassionate and skilled. You should like each other. Trust your intuition. If these things are not present, do not make a second appointment.