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Attend a mind/body stress reduction class with Helen Adrienne, weekly on Wed.’s at 6:30pm. This series of four mind/body classes will relieve and reverse the physiology of stress. You will learn myriad ways to cope with the challenges by building self-awareness and methods of self-care.

Pay on line for all four classes and receive a free copy of my

  • Mp3 recording, Breathing in the Now
  • Best-selling book, On Fertile Ground: Healing Infertility!

These classes rotate and can be taken in any order.

Class 1: Nov. 14
Entering the Mind/Body Unity for Stress Reduction

Class 2:  Nov. 21
Using the Mind to Trick the Brain for Enhanced Coping

Class 3:  Nov. 28
Transforming Negative Thinking

Class 4:  Dec. 5
Gaining Clarity by Building Awareness

Class 1: Jan 9
Class 2: Jan. 16
Class 3: Jan. 23
Class 4: Jan. 30


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