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Are you frustrated with the New Year starting and your family is still in the holding pattern? Are you still in recovery from all your relatives asking you all kinds of “When are you having a Baby” questions? Do you feel like your worst fears are coming true that Maybe…it won’t happen? Are the voices in your head speaking fear, doubt and frustration and you’re exhausted from trying to ignore those thoughts?

What if you could hear from some of the world’s leading Fertility experts and get their best advice on how to grow your family with mind/body/spirit balance? Advice that is tested and true…and actually works! Now imagine having access to all of them for free!

This is exactly what my colleague (and fertility thought leader) Renee Waggener at Xtraordinary Fertility has done with the:

Reboot your Fertilicious Mindset Virtual Summit
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And I’m thrilled to be a part of it! I’m joining a team of 20 amazing experts with fantastic advice you can use right away! Together we’re helping thousands of women struggling with infertility throughout the globe who are ready to feel less stress and have some mindset tools under their belt, so that their conception has a greater chance of happening.

This is my personal invitation to join me and get the best wisdom, inspiration and support to guide you into more peace, passion, and feeling powerful for yourself this New Year.

Starting February 2nd continuing through February 11th, 2016 you’ll have access to incredible experts who will all share their personal journey’s with serving the infertility community and give you some tips you can use right away.

There’s even an incredible free gift available immediately when you register.
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