The stress of infertility is a two way street. The emotional experience creates great tension in one’s body. This tension only intensifies the worry that the infertility might never be resolved. You are not responsible FOR your infertility. But you can choose to be responsible TO it. There are many ways that you can learn to provide relief. In that way you are choosing to be responsible to it AND you get to feel empowered.

Infertility, Gynecological and Reproductive Challenges. Our psychobiology is intricately tied up with fluctuating hormones that affect both body and mind. Estrogen and progesterone, menstruation, PMS, pregnancy and menopause can have profound impact on women. Testosterone controls the male physiology and much of the mentality as well.

When it comes to infertility, men who learn that their sperm count is compromised often mistakenly confuse masculinity with the capacity to procreate. And the lion’s share of the treatment for infertility is an ordeal which rests predominantly, though not exclusively with women.

Anxiety and depression are normal reactions to the infertility diagnosis. Understandable friction can put even the best of relationships at risk. If the strong emotions that get evoked are left unacknowledged, they will not go away and you will lose the opportunity to work them through to resolution. You can achieve enormous relief of stress through the support, guidance, compassion and encouragement that counseling can provide.

In my experience it is paramount to feel understood and grounded at times when you might feel lost, panicked or out of control. Couple’s counseling for infertility goes a long way to providing relief, healing the wounds that infertility inflicts and keeping the goal of parenthood front and center. Perhaps your natural hormones or the hormones administered as part of the In Vitro Fertilization protocol are making you feel like a runaway locomotive. Many of my referrals come when a Reproductive Endocrinologist asks the simple question, “How’re you doing?” If you answer by bursting into tears, my approach and experience can provide enormous relief.

We can explore a variety of possibilities and opportunities to help you handle the anxiety and burden of infertility and make optimal treatment decisions.

Key tools include helping you:
▪ Reduce mind/body stress
▪ Increase self-awareness and self-care
▪ Learn new relaxation techniques including special breathing exercises
▪ Learn ways to enter the mind/body connection for enhanced coping
▪ Utilize the neurobiology of mind/body healing
▪ Develop new coping skills
▪ Learn how to transform negative thinking
▪ Understand your underlying beliefs systems and habits and learn how to change
▪ Reduce mind/body stress through clinical hypnosis for infertility for those who are interested

Clinical hypnosis helps you get into your deeper belief system that feeds into the mind/body connection. Great relief can result.

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