“Helen’s seminar is first-rate. Mind/body stress-reduction coping skills are now essential “tools” for clinicians who work both with the infertility client and anyone struggling with a trauma or crisis. This 2-day training is highly informative and immediately applicable to a wide range of clients. Helen is an exceptional teacher, conveying her rich knowledge of this topic with a strong dose of humor and joy. I highly recommend this training.” – Dr. M.R., DSW, LCSW

“This training far exceeded my expectations.”


“I wanted to thank you so much for such a wonderful experience last week at the training. I learned a great deal and also felt an opening to new possibilities personally and professionally from the material you shared. A great deal resonated for me. You led an inspiring and stimulating class, while also weaving in such a warm and welcoming atmosphere.”

“Helen Adrienne is a master of her craft. This two-day seminar is integral for any practitioner working with the infertility patient. Grounded in mind-body techniques, Helen is not only informative but provides experiential learning that proves her techniques work! The seminar was well organized yet spontaneous as Helen shares her expertise while allowing space for discussion and questions. In a safe and intimate environment Helen helps impart insight into the infertility patient’s experience and teaches concrete tools to help them heal and find their best self. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in learning more about mind-body work, especially with the infertility patient.”

“The training has provided me with more practical techniques than any other training I have attended. I continue to use these techniques daily. The binder of information that you provided is now my ‘go to’ for ideas not only to help clients with fertility issues, but for countless other issues as well. I highly recommend this training.”

“I was shocked and delighted to learn in the first hour of the mind/body training the way that I could make a headache disappear! It validated for me the importance of the practice of mind/body unity. As a person Helen has such a healing presence to everyone in the class. It was wonderful to learn all that she had to teach.”

“…one of the greatest strengths of this training was the teaching style … handouts which made it easy to follow along and the experiential component which made the benefits crystal clear. …A broad range of topics were covered in the two days and I’m pleased to have many techniques that I can customize for my clients.”